My Mormon Pioneer Ancestors.

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Mormon Pioneers are defined as those people who arrived in Utah between 1847 (when Brigham Young arrived) and 1869 (when the transcontinental railroad arrived--"The Golden Spike.")   Thirty-nine of my ancestors are Mormon Pioneers, 12 on my father's side and 27 on my mother's side.

On my father's side, 1 of his 4 grandparents; 7 of his 8 great grandparents; and 4 of his 16 great, great grandparents (for a total of 12) were Mormon Pioneers. They are:

Milo Andrus (1814-1893), and his wife
Jane Munday (1832-1900)

William Reynolds Terry (1812-1868), and his wife
Mary Allen Phillips (1815-1898)

Joshua Terry (1825-1915), his parents, his wife, and her parents,
  Parshall Terry, 3rd (1778-1861)
  Hannah Terry (1785-1877)
Mary Emma Reid (1840-1918)
  John Reid (1781-1866)
  Sarah Courtier (1806-1860)

Louisa Amelia Williams (1839-1868), and her daughter
Amelia Charles (1862-1930)

On my mother's side 4 of her 8 great grandparents; 14 of her 16 2g grandparents, 7 of her 32 3g grandparents, and 2 of her 64 4g grandparents (for a total of 27) were Mormon Pioneers.  They are:

George Washington Adair (1818-1897), and his wife
Miriam Jane Billingsley (1829-1912), and her parents
  Elijah Randolf Billingsley (1806-1888)
  Emeline L. Northcutt (1806-1882)

William Fowler (1830-1865), and his wife
Ellen Bradshaw (1835-1873), and their daughter
Florence Ellen Fowler (1860-1946)

Samuel Comstock Snyder (1808-1866), and his mother and wife
  Lovisa Comstock (1789-1856)
Caroline Little Luce (1831-1924), and her parents and paternal grandmother
  Ephriam Luce (1799-1880)
    Ruth Grant (1775-1860)
  Lydia Macomber (1799-1874)

Thomas Cope (1814-1864), and his wife
Martha Newton (1822-1854), and their son
Thomas Henry Cope (1853-1930)

Robert Lewis Lloyd (1822-1892), and his wife
Eliza Adeline Goheen (1838-1921), and her mother
  Dorinda Melissa Moody (1808-1895), and her mother
    Mary Baldwin (1785-1853)

Levi Stewart (1812-1878), and his wife
Melinda Howard (1816-1853), and their son
Joseph Abram Stewart (1838-1897)

William Fletcher Ewell (1815-1848), and his father and wife
  Pleasant Ewell (1788-1852)
Mary Lee Bland (1817-1898), and their daughter
Sarah Elizabeth Ewell (1841-1893)

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