How my paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather are related.

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Spouses Walter Palmer and Francis Blossom
Siblings William Palmer   Ann Palmer
1st Cousins William Palmer   Moses Rowley
2C Phebe Palmer   Mehitable Rowley
3C Elizabeth Ferris   Thankful Fuller
4C Hannah Knapp   John Crippen
5C Elizabeth Parshall   Sarah Crippen
6C Hanna Terry   Lovisa Comstock
7C Joshua Terry   Samuel Snyder
8C Joshua Terry   Charles Snyder
9C Laverna Terry   Esther Snyder
10C Calvin Andrus   Vivian Adair
11C David Andrus   Sharon Adair
12C     David Andrus

(NOTE: In this chart I am listed by my first name, David.)

Walter Palmer and Florence Blossom came to New England as a married couple. Their son William was born in England in 1616 and their daughter Ann was born in New Hampshire in 1628.

This chart shows that my parents are related -- 10th cousins once removed. This means I am my own 11th cousin once removed.

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