How my maternal grandmother and maternal grandfather are related.

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Spouses William Randolph and Dorothy Lane
Siblings Richard Randolph
  Henry Randolph
1st Cousins William Randolph
  Henry Randolph
2C Elizabeth Randolph
  Henry Randolph
3C Richard Bland
  Henry Randolph
4C John Bland   William Randolph
5C John Bland   Miriam Randolph
6C Mary Bland   Elijah Billingsley
7C Sarah Ewell   Miriam Billingsley
8C DeEsta Stewart   Jedediah Adair
9C Rhea Cope   William Adair
10C Sharon Adair   Vivian Adair
11C David Andrus   Sharon Adair
12C     David Andrus
Spouses Henry Isham and Katherine Banks
Siblings Mary Isham
  Ann Isham
1C Elizabeth Randolph
  Elizabeth Eppes
2C Richard Bland
  Henry Randolph
3C John Bland   William Randolph
4C John Bland   Miriam Randolph
5C Mary Bland   Elijah Billingsley
6C Sarah Ewell   Miriam Billingsley
7C DeEsta Stewart   Jedediah Adair
8C Rhea Cope   William Adair
9C Sharon Adair   Vivian Adair
10C David Andrus   Sharon Adair
11C     David Andrus

(NOTE: In this chart I am listed by my first name, David.)

This chart shows that my maternal grandparents (Rhea Cope and Vivian Adair) are related -- 8th and 9th cousins once removed. This means I am my own 10th and 11th cousin once removed.

William Randolph (1572) and Dortha Lane (1589) were married in Northamptonshire, England sometime before 1619.

Henry Isham (1626) and Katherine Banks (1627) were both born in Northamptonshire, England and migrated to Henrico County Virginia as young adults, where they were married in 1658.

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