This is a copy of my old website which used to reside at I stopped updating or adding content in April 2007. New content since April 2007 can be found in my wiki ( I have also moved almost all of this old content into my wiki. The major exception is my talks and lessons, which I am moving slowly.

Because this website is a copy, some of the links might not work. I have spent minimal time trying to correct the broken links.

I will eventually shut this website down. Please link to my wiki instead. Thank you for your patience. --DCA 05 Dec 08.

 David Calvin Andrus, Ph.D.

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line "Man is incapable of imagining that time could ever stop ... It is no easier for us to imagine that somewhere, past the farthest stars in the nocturnal heavens, there is an end to space, a borderline beyond which 'nothing' exits ... Anyone who plunges into infinity, in both time and space, further and further without stopping, needs fixed points, mileposts, for otherwise his movement is indistinguishable from standing still ... No one can draw a line that is not a boundary line; every line splits a singularity into a plurality."

-- M.C. Escher
(Dutch Artist, 1898-1972)line

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