1947 East Beech Road
Sterling, VA 20164-1947

Greetings To All!

STOP what you are doing right now and go write down our new address
in a safe place--so we can be sure to get the Christmas Card you
are sending us.  We bought a new house this year because Stan got
a drumset for Christmas last year, and we needed a better place for
him to practice than our front room.  And low interest rates
helped.  We now have an unfinished basement full of toys, food
storage, children's clothes, drum set, books, and some dead

We moved into our house on a Saturday last May.  The next day,
Calvin left for a 9-week assignment in Madrid, Spain.  Janet and
the kids got revenge by leaving Calvin's stuff in the garage
unpacked!  After one week Calvin was so lonely that he called Janet
and asked her to spend the week after school was out with him. 
That put her in a tail spin to get a passport, plane ticket,
babysitters, and a fanny pack.  It would've been a second honeymoon
if we'd had a first honeymoon when we were married.  But waiting 15
years for our honeymoon was worth it.

After Janet got back from Spain, she took the kids to Grandma's
house in Fresno.  That means when Calvin got back two weeks later,
there was only a housesitting-college-student couple sleeping in
his bed, who had actually lived in the house longer than he had. 
After a week of sleeping in Brooke's bed, Calvin flew to Salt Lake
to meet up with Janet and the kids, who'd driven in from

We spent a week in Park City with Janet's side of the family and
another week at Bear Lake with Calvin's side of the family.  We
also saw many of our friends at a party Calvin's cousin Vaun had,
and at a barbeque Janet's former roomate Ann hosted.  We had dinner
with Calvin's Grandma, and hiked up to the "B" on the mountain in
Brigham.  From there Calvin flew back to Virginia and Janet drove
back to California.  Finally, during the last week in August, the
whole family was reunited in the new house for the first time since
the middle of May.  And three months of yard work had waited very

CHELSEA is now three and goes to Winne-the-Pooh preschool.  She has
really grown since the last time we wrote, and we've included a
picture to show you.  BROOKE (soon to turn 9) did cheerleading
again this fall, mostly so Janet could vicarioulsy live out her
lost childhood fantasies.  Brooke has made lots of new friends at
the new grade school.

RYAN successfully brought home from Utah a deer skull that he
proudly displays in his room.  He has been working hard to finish
his Arrow of Light before he turns 11 in January.  STAN finally
broke into the teen years and only has 1,800 more days until he
goes to college (we are marking every one).  He is now a Life Scout
and is working on his Eagle project.

JANET teaches 21 piano students over four days each week.  She
complained so much about her calling as Homemaking Leader at
church, they made her the Nursury Leader.  CALVIN must be doing
something right because his Troop is now down to 11 scouts from 17
last year.  When he is not camping, cleaning up from camping, or
preparing to go camping, he is tilling the garden, building
shelves, or writing Christmas letters.

Have a happy holidy season, and keep those cards, letters, and
checks coming.



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