Dear Family and Friends,


New Year's Day 2005
1947 East Beech Road
Sterling, VA 20164

Happy New Year! The most imporant thing that happened to us in 2004 was the cicada invasion. They hummed like a flying saucer from a 1950's SciFi flick -- only louder and longer. The rage was to eat them covered with chocolate.


We sent a demure and studious BROOKE (age 20) to school at BYU-Idaho and the next thing we know she in Las Vegas bungee jumping. We suspect she had come under the dubious influence of a wayward Aunt from California (LeeAnn). She just returned to school.

We told STAN (age 24) that we would provide room and board as long as he was working on his undergraduate degree. That big sucking sound is Stan playing the college card for several years now. (What? A bachelor's degree should only takes 4 years? Someone should have told me before now!)  

During 2004, the FAMILY cultivated some great traditions and activities., including amusement parks, beach trips, soccer games, walks in the woods, a Mexican fiesta picnic on the floor for Christmas eve dinner, and sleeping in church.

RYAN (age 21) was our happy ghost this year. Early on he moved out to live free of house rules. He all but disappeared. After about 5 months he asked to move back home. He has been so happy since his return. The food is good, the house is clean, the residents don’t argue into the middle of the night, and the rent is reasonable.


CHELSEA (age 14) has had a little trouble giving up some of her middle school habits since starting high school this year. Her cheerleading teammates screen the cheers she invents for public performance at the high school games. The school did let her sing at all county and all district choruses as long as she kept her hand by her side.


TREVOR (age 7) had fun roasting a fish at a campout along the Shenandoah River. Apart from playing with fire, he got to eat marshmallows for dinner and breakfast; and run and yell; and wipe his hands on his pants. He was in heaven. We did not tell his 1st grade teacher.

JANET and CALVIN visited some good friends in England and found a great retirement neighborhood in Warwick -- though some of the bigger houses are a little musty. Janet continues teaching piano and Calvin continues as the lay Bishop. of the local LDS congregation

We love and miss you all!

David Calvin, Janet, Stan, Ryan, Brooke, Chelsea, and Trevor

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