[The following was written by Chris Fuller, a student at Brigham Young University in the mid-1970's. I received a copy of it in a class on Isaiah I took from Victor L. Ludlow about 1977. It spoofs Isaiah. It describes a BYU basketball game in the Marriott Center (capacity 23,000+). Notice that the prophet comes down from Salt Lake to see the game. Also notice the exhaust in the cold parking lot after the game. Have Fun! --DCA, 10/9/1998]


  1. Moreover, the word of the Lord came unto me saying, get thee into the mountains of the Lord, unto the mountains that are mine.
  2. Wherefore, I did go into the mountains of the Lord, and again his voice came unto me, saying, see my people.
  3. And I looked and beheld his people, yea, I did look upon a multitude in the mountains of the Lord, for they were rushing together as the rusing of many waters, and their places of inhabitaance were empty. From to and frok leaving inheritance and possessions; yea, a great multitude saw I in the mountains of the Lord.
  4. And again the word of the Lord came unto me saying, look yet at my people and see and prophesy their doings; for they are my people and shall inherit my kingdom in that day.
  5. And I looked and beheld the multitude once more; and I saw that they had rushed together, yea a great multitude saw I. And in that day, they were above, and below, and beside their brethren, yea, as the sands of the shore they were together.
  6. And in that day, shall the people roar like a thousand lions and hiss like a thousand snakes; they shall mourn for their brethren and their brethren shall prevail.
  7. And in that day, it shall come to pass, that the sounds of thunder shall come from the midst of the people and they shall be jubilant.
  8. And I looked and beheld that the chosen one of God, yea even His mouthpiece was among the multitute. And he did roar and hiss and the multitude heard it not, neither did they listen.
  9. And I looked and beheld before the multitude were a few jumping and prancing, gliding and moving as the animals of the field and the warriors in the battle. And the people did worship these few and did roar and hiss.
  10. Moreover, a great horn from the east did blow, and the few before the multitude did cease and flee and a roar and a thunder came up fromt he people, as the many waters do roar from the mountain. Yea, and the people of the Lord did also flee.
  11. Yea, I looked and beheld their fleeings and their bodies did smoke and the chariots did smoke and the roar of the multitude did cease.
  12. And I behled the mouthpiece of God and he did depart from among the multitude; he and those of his house and did return again to the Temple of the Most High.
  13. And behold, I, Isaiah am confused concerning that day.

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