A Lesson Given to


D. Calvin Andrus
15 January 2001


7:00 - Bishopric arrives

7:30 - AP members and Advisors arrive

8:15 - Quiet activity to get in the mood

8:30 - Training begins

9:30 - Training ends

9:45 - Optional activities

11:00 - Go home



Proverbs 27:17 -- Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

T-15mins - Pass out "scriptural relationships" exercise as people arrive
T-03mins - Collect "scriptural relationships" exercise
T+00mins - Prayer
T+01mins - Pass out "YM Relationships" puzzle - work in teams of two
T+06mins - From the puzzle's solution, identify which relationships should be most important:

  1. Family
  2. Priesthood Quorum

T+10mins - Collect puzzles
T+11mins - Pass out folders
T+12mins - Begin sharpening a big kitchen knife with a kitchen knife steel.

T+15mins - Set the knife and the steel down side by side. Ask, "Does the knife get sharp by just sitting next to the steel?" (No.) The two irons must interact. There must be action with skill. to day we will talk about the interactions and skills quorum members need to help each other improve. After we leave to day, you and your quorum advisors must create the interactions and apply the skills to have an 'exalting' effect on the quorum members.
T+19mins - Three things that Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Presidencies must do to be effective in their callings (put up posters) are:

T+20mins - Before we talk about quorum presidency meetings let's read two scriptures:

T+23mins - Ask, "How can one be a leader and a servant at the same time?"

  1. Be and example of righteousness
  2. Know the people in your quorum
  3. Plan activities that include everyone
  4. Be responsible for making sure things happen
  5. Teach others their duties
  6. Let people do their duties without interference

T+25mins - Show example of presidency meeting from the video, Vitalizing the Aaronic Priesthood, (item #53011). Ask the students to take notes about what goes on in the presidency meeting
T+30mins - Ask them to list the characteristics/subject matter of a good presidency meeting

T+35mins - Begin discussion of quorum activities by having them complete the 'decoding messages' exercise.
T+40mins - Quorum Activities provide quorum members with opportunities for:

T+41mins - Let's talk about what we mean by these.
T+45mins - Begin discussion about quorum relationships by telling a story about the computer game, "The Sims." Three stages of friendships in the game are:

T+55mins - List the things that a quorum presidency must do in order to have good relationships with the members of the quorum? (Hint, it is many of the same things you do to have a good relationship with your non-member friends.)

T+55mins - Summarize and bear testimony. All of you either are now or will soon serve in an Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Presidency. As a member of the presidency it is your responsibility to help the members of your quorum be better people. to do this requires you to be a friend to the members of your quorum. Being a friend means you have to do stuff with them. Doing stuff is what we call activities. As a member of the presidency, you are responsible for organizing activities that will help you become the friend of all the members of your quorum. You do this organizing in the quorum presidency meeting. You also keep track of the members of your quorum in the presidency meetings. This is the Lord's plan for the young men. It will make a difference in the lives of the people you serve and in your own life. It will help you become more Christlike. Iron sharpens iron. to this I bear my witness. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
T+59mins - Closing prayer
T+60mins - Lesson ends.

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Set 1: Choose a husband from the left side list and write his name in the space next to his wife in the right side list.

  Abraham Elisabeth ______________
  Adam Sarah ______________
  Ahab Ruth ______________
  Boaz Jezebel ______________
  Isaac Rebekah ______________
  Jacob Sariah ______________
  Lehi Eve ______________
  Zacharias Rachel ______________

Set 2: Choose a brother from the left side list and write his name in the space next to his brother in the right side list.

  Aaron Ham ______________
  Abel Laman ______________
  Andrew Ephriam ______________
  Esau Joseph ______________
  James Moses ______________
  Benjamin Jacob ______________
  Manasseh Peter ______________
  Nephi Cain ______________
  Shem John ______________
  Solomon Absalom ______________

Set 3: Choose a father from the left side list and write his name in the space next to his son in the right side list.

  Abraham David ______________
  David Moroni ______________
  Isaac John ______________
  Jesse Sam ______________
  Mormon Solomon ______________
  Lehi Isaac ______________
  Lehi Isaac ______________

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At the bottom of the page there are five terms in code (encrypted). Your task is to decode (decrypt) them. To decode them you need an algorithm and a key. The algorithm is like the lock. The key unlocks the coded message. The algorithm is the process we use to encode the message. To decode the message, we pass it back through the algorithm. Here is an algorithm we call the "alphabet left shift" algorithm.

Pick a letter of the alphabet, like the letter 'n.' 'N' is our key. We will then shift the alphabet over to the left so that the letter 'n' is in the first position as follows.

     Original: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
     Shifted:  n o p q r s t u v w x y z a b c d e f g h i j k l m

To encode a word like 'snodgrass,' we convert the original letters to the letters in the shifted alphabet. This process yields 'fabqtenff.' To decode, we just follow the algorithm in reverse.

This algorithm can use any of the 26 letters of the alphabet as a key except the letter 'a.' Therefore, the "alphabet left shift" algorithm has 25 possible keys.

Please decode the following 5 terms using the alphabet left shift algorithm. The key is found in DC 84:18. Because I will turn 48 this year, go to the 4th letter in the 8th word of the verse. This letter is the key. Begin decoding now.

  Freivpr ______________
  Yrnqrefuvc ______________
  Fcrnxvat ______________
  Sryybjfuvccvat ______________
  Lbhat Jbzra ______________

These are the five reasons why young men have activities.

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