Eagle Court of Honor


TROOP 1164


D. Calvin Andrus
4 October 1997

(Modified and Adapted from Wood's Wisdom)

Peter Hale: Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. My name is Peter Hale. I am the Acting Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 1164. Our Senior Patrol Leader, Nathan Tucker, could not be here this afternoon and asked me to conduct in his stead. We have come together to celebrate the achievement of the Eagle Scout Rank by a member of our Troop, Ryan Andrus. I want to extend a warm welcome to the family and friends of Ryan who have come to this ceremony. I also want to recognize our Troop's Chartered Partner Representative, Bishop Craig Hale, our Troop Committee Chairman, Robert Schutt, our Scoutmaster, Russell Gilger, and other members of our Troop Committee, who are with us this afternoon. Welcome to all of you!

Let us begin with the posting of the colors. Would the audience please rise.

[Color guards do posting ceremony]

Please follow me in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

[All recite the Pledge of Allegiance.]

The audience may be seated.

Will ________________________ please come up and offer an opening prayer?

[Prayer is said]

It is now my pleasure to introduce you a member of our Troop Committee and the chairman of this Court of Honor -- John Decker.

John Decker: Welcome to Troop 1164's Eagle Court of Honor. I invite all Eagle Scouts, including adults, whether in uniform or not, to come forward and sit in the Eagle's nest. [PAUSE]. Thank you.

[Say something about Ryan--like "I have seen Ryan progress from when he first came into the troop, where I was the Assistant Scoutmaster over the New Boy Patrol--the Cobras. As a member of the Troop Committee, I have have gone on many camp outs and to several summer camps with Ryan. . . ."]

Would Eagle Candidate Ryan Andrus please come forward?

I would like Blair Christoffersen, another member of our Troop Committee, to now conduct the Eagle Ceremony.

Blair Christoffersen: I am the voice of the Eagle, the Eagle whose heights you have struggled hard to reach. We remember well when you came to the base of the cliff, and how you looked up with ambition and determination. Ryan, look back for a moment. Look down the cliff you have climbed. Look at the experiences you have encountered in your ascent up the cliff. These experiences should not be forgotten. Remember, experience is a valuable teacher, if you heed its teachings.

With your first step up the cliff, you began to grow physically, mentally, and morally. You began to live the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Scout Motto, and the Scout Slogan. You were called SCOUT. Will Scout [__________] please come forward?

Soon your brother Scouts called you TENDERFOOT -- and they were right. You were a tender-foot indeed. Will a Tenderfoot Scout please come forward? [Derek Bruton]

As you reached the first ledge, the climb was still easy. You joined many before you as a SECOND CLASS. Will a Second Class Scout please come forward? [Thomas Moore]

While some decided to catch their breath on this ledge, you joined the others who forged ahead to the next ledge where the FIRST CLASS Scouts dwell. Will a First Class Scout please come forward? [Wyatt Peters]

You were tempted to rest in the glory of the First Class, but, you wanted to climb higher, facing the challenge of the steeper trail. You became a STAR. Will a Star Scout please come forward? [Peter Hale]

Now the trail became more difficult and less worn. You looked down and saw many Scouts below you. You looked up and saw few above; but at last the LIFE Heart was placed on your uniformed chest. You will not forget the whisperings you felt in your heart -- "Now that I am close to Eagle, I will continue on." Will a Life Scout please come forward? [_________________]

The trail was then much more difficult, and at times seemed to disappear altogether. Often you felt alone because you could not see any other Scouts on the trail at all. You had to rely on all the skills, knowledge, and experience you had gained thus far on the trail. Your oath "To Help Other People At All Times" began to have a deeper meaning to you as you did your Eagle Project. Then, finally, you pulled yourself over the top, to stand on the highest ledge with those few scouts who make it to the top.

I am the voice of the Eagle! [PAUSE] Will all the scouts please be seated?

John Decker: Ryan has completed the four major requirements of Eagle, which are: 1) Earn 21 merit badges; 2) Serve in a leadership position for 6 months; 3) Lead an Eagle Service Project; and 4) Demonstrate before a Board of Review that all the principles of Scouting are being lived on a daily basis. This includes being loyal, courageous, and being service-oriented. Only two percent of all boys who enter scouting achieve the Eagle Rank. I now call on Craig Hale to present the Eagle Award to Ryan.

Craig Hale: Will the Eagle Candidate please escort his parents and grandmother to the front? [PAUSE] Ryan, I represent all Eagle Scouts of the Boy Scouts of America. Do you now accept the responsibilities of Eagle Scout? [RYAN REPLIES "YES"]

On behalf the National Council, we award you the rank of Eagle Scout. With this badge we now proclaim to all the world that you have adopted Scouting principles as a way of life. You will henceforth be known as a force for good in this world. It is an honor and a responsibility that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Ryan, here is the Mother's Pin. Please give it to your mother with a hug and a kiss. [PAUSE] Here is the Father's Tie Tack. Please give it to him with a handshake and a hug. [PAUSE] I am going to ask your grandmother to pin your Eagle Badge on your uniform. [PAUSE] And now I will remove your Troop neckerchief and replace it with this Eagle Tie. [PAUSE] Ryan, please escort your parents and grandmother back to their seats and return to the front. [PAUSE]

[At this point, Craig may say a few words if he would like.]

Mr. Chairman, I present to you Eagle Scout Ryan Andrus.

John Decker: Thank you, Craig. I want to read one of the many congratulatory letters Ryan has received. This one is from Bill Mimms, who represents our district to the Virginia House of Delegates. [Read Letter]

I now call on Stan Andrus to give the Eagle Charge.

Stan Andrus: Ryan, Boy Scouts of all nations constitute one of the most meaningful and significant movements in the world's history and you have been counted worthy of high rank in its membership. This great honor comes with great responsibility. You have now just begun a new journey. As an Eagle Scout you have assumed a solemn obligation to do your duty to God, to country, to fellow scouts, and to humanity. You are a marked man. You are an example to others. Whether you like it or not, people will look to you to know what is right and good. You are now a leader who must lift those around you. You must take responsibility cheerfully. You must be dedicated in your service to others. The way you live your life must be an honor to God. You must give back to Scouting and to humanity more than they have given you. You must be a friend and a brother to all. Your life must now be exemplified by clean living and honest work. In doing these things you will find joy and happiness. Your honor will not come from a medal on your chest, but from the influence for good you will have on others. Ryan,.we welcome you into the brotherhood of the Eagle Nest. Congratulations! [STAN AND RYAN SHAKE HANDS]

John Decker: Thank you, Stan. Ryan you may now take your place in the Eagle's Nest. I want to thank all of you for coming this afternoon to this Court of Honor. I will turn the time back to the Senior Patrol Leader for the closing ceremony, after which this court will stand adjourned. You are invited to stay for refreshments and to look through Ryan's Eagle Notebook here on this table. Peter, I turn the time back to you.

Peter Hale: Will the audience please rise.

[Have the Color Guard retire the Colors]

Will the audience please be seated. [PAUSE] Will _________________ please come up and offer the closing prayer?


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