A Talk Given At:


Eagle Court of Honor

TROOP 1164


D. Calvin Andrus
13 June 1998

(Modified and Adapted from Wood's Wisdom)

I am the voice of the Eagle, the Eagle whose heights you have struggled hard to reach. We remember well when you came to the base of the cliff, and how you looked up with ambition and determination. Tyler, look back for a moment. Look down the cliff you have climbed. Look at the experiences you have encountered in your ascent up the cliff. These experiences should not be forgotten. Remember, experience is a valuable teacher, if you heed its teachings.

With your first step up the cliff, you began to grow physically, mentally, and morally. You began to live the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Scout Motto, and the Scout Slogan. You were called SCOUT.

Soon your brother Scouts called you TENDERFOOT -- and they were right. You were a tender-foot indeed.

As you reached the first ledge, the climb was still easy. You joined many before you as a SECOND CLASS.

While some decided to catch their breath on this ledge, you joined the others who forged ahead to the next ledge where the FIRST CLASS Scouts dwell.

You were tempted to rest in the glory of the First Class, but, you wanted to climb higher, facing the challenge of the steeper trail. You became a STAR.

Now the trail became more difficult and less worn. You looked down and saw many Scouts below you. You looked up and saw few above; but at last the LIFE Heart was placed on your uniformed chest. You will not forget the whisperings you felt in your heart -- "Now that I am close to Eagle, I will continue on."

The trail was then much more difficult, and at times seemed to disappear altogether. Often you felt alone because you could not see any other Scouts on the trail at all. You had to rely on all the skills, knowledge, and experience you had gained thus far on the trail. Your oath "To Help Other People At All Times" began to have a deeper meaning to you as you did your Eagle Project. Then, finally, you pulled yourself over the top, to stand on the highest ledge with those few scouts who make it to the top. The few who persevere. The few who finish.

I am the voice of the Eagle!

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