A Bishop's Presentation in Sacrament Meeting



D. Calvin Andrus

15 May 2005

[Ask young woman to join me on the stand.]

Receiving the Young Womanhood Recognition shows that [NAME] is an exemplary young woman in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

[NAME] was introduced to the Personal Progress program upon entering the Young Women's program when she turned 12. During this process she has learned gospel principles, set and met many goals using what she learned, and has strived to live high standards of personal worthiness.

[NAME] has continuously and regularly attended Church, learned and applied many gospel principles taught through the seven Young Women values of faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works and integrity. She has developed habits of regular scripture study, journal keeping, prayer, service and in being an example of a member of Christ's Church at all times, in all things, and in all places. She has learned of Jesus Christ and of his atonement.

[NAME] has spent considerable time on several projects that gave her the opportunity to apply some of the spiritual skills she is developing. Two of these projects were especially significant for [NAME], her Faith Project and her Good Works project. For her Faith Project, she collected a number of good food recipes and made a recipe box. When she was finished she was struck by how the recipe collection really reflected her personality. She has faith that someday her own family will like these recipes as much as she does.

For her Good Works Project, she volunteered to watch the small children during the monthly Enrichment meetings. She learned that in helping others the Spirit also helps the helper. She surprised herself by actually having fun doing this work.

All the goals, the projects, and the habits [NAME] has undertaken in her Young Woman years give her a strong base upon which to build as she looks forward to take her place as a righteous woman of God. This includes contributing her talents and testimony to her current and future families, to the Church, and to the many people she with whom she will associate throughout her life.

[NAME] has learned the importance of covenants and that claiming the blessings of the temple will aid her in her path back to our Father in Heaven through our Savior Jesus Christ.

[NAME], I admonish you to wear this young woman medallion as a reminder of what you have accomplished and remember that in accepting this award you are committing yourself to strive continuously to live the values of personal progress and endeavor to be a righteous daughter of our Father in Heaven.

[Footnote: This presentation is a revision of an earlier draft which was ghost written for me by my previous Young Women's President.]

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