D. Calvin Andrus
23 January 1999

This is just an example based on a template from the business world. Each family will want to write their own, under the guidance of the Spirit. I suggest that the family cite scriptures that tie their statements directly to the doctrines and principles of the gospel. While no title is given here, families will want to give their plan a snappy title like, "The Andrus Family Strategic Plan."


Each member of our family will be exalted and we will live together with Heavenly Father in the Celestial Kingdom. (See Moses 1:39)


Our family will energetically make our home a heaven on earth, where we consistently live the laws of the Celestial Kingdom. We will rigorously follow the example of Jesus Christ and actively put His Atonement at the center of our lives. (See John 3:16, Proclamation on the Family)


Every member of our family will . . .

  1. learn and understand the laws of the Celestial Kingdom with their supporting Gospel Doctrines and Principles;
  2. have the Holy Ghost as his or her constant companion;
  3. complete the five priesthood ordinances for exaltation;
  4. be free from sin through repentance (Doctrine of Justification);
  5. be a highly spiritual being by living a Christlike life (Doctrine of Sanctification).


Objective #1 - Learn
  1. Engage in regular scripture study and daily scripture reading.
  2. Conduct Doctrine-base Family Home Evenings.
  3. Pray to have personal revelation about doctrines.
  4. Attend Primary, Sunday School, and Seminary.
  5. Read Gospel-oriented Books.

Objective #3 - Ordinances
  1. Be Prepared to be Baptized.
  2. Be Prepared to be Confirmed.
  3. Be Prepared to be Ordained to Melchizedek Priesthood.
  4. Be Prepared to Take out Endowments.
  5. Be Prepared to be Sealed in the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage.


Objective #1, Strategy #5 - Read
  1. Read JESUS THE CHRIST by James Talmadge.
  2. Read Gordon B. Hinckley's Biography.

Objective #3, Strategy #4 - Endowment
  1. Earn the Young Womanhood Recognition Award.
  2. Earn the Duty to God Award.


Objective #1, Strategy #5, Goal #2 - GBH Bio.
  1. Calvin will purchase the book ($25) by 15 January 1999.
  2. The book is 560 pages long. There are 50 weeks left in the year after 15 January. The means on average Calvin must read 11-12 pages a week, or about 2 pages a day (skipping one day a week). Calvin will read these two pages in his bed just after he does his daily personal scripture reading and right before he goes to sleep.

Objective #3, Strategy #4, Goal #1 - YWRA
  1. Brooke will decide what she will do for her 14 Personal Progress Goals for 1999 by 31 January. Brooke will write them down in her Personal Progress Book. Her mother will approve these goals by putting her initials next to each of the goals.
  2. Because there are only 11 months left after January, and because Brooke doesn't like doing goals in December, she must complete 2 goals during February, March, April, and May, and 1 goal in each of the months June through November.
  3. Brooke will make an appointment for the 2nd week in December 1999 with her Young Women's Advisor to update the church's records of her progress.

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