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Thu (24th) Evening Session

Fri (25th) Morning Session 1

Pres. Chapman

How are we doing(*) and where can we improve(#) on the elements of three missions of the church

  • Perfect the Saints
  • Temple Worthiness, #Repentance, #Magnify Callings, Program Admin, Teaching, Training, *Nurture/Fellowship, Ministering
  • Proclaim the Gospel
  • #Finding, *Teaching, #Baptizing, *Fellowship, Callings, Ordinations
  • Redeem the Dead
  • Research, *Temple Worthiness, Book Keeping, #Temple Attendance, Keeping Covenants, Family History, Reunions

Fri (25th) Morning Session 2

Pres Simmons

Youth Programs in the Ashburn Stake

Ward High Adventure

Stake YM Encampment at National Jamboree

Ward Fathers and Sons (extra budget from stake)

Magnet (Hybrid) Family Ward for Mid-Singles (Crystal City), Oakton to try

(Ask Bro. Wilhelm to work with Bro. Bowers to get hi-speed into building -- think outside the box)

Fri (25th) Morning Session 3

Pres Chapman

Redeeming the Dead

(Keep a list of Youth Temple Recommends)

Do things that are individualized -- that makes a difference more than a group activity (5th Sunday Lesson)

Ward Temple Night with pre-session in the temple's chapel (schedule with President's Office)

  • baby sitting?

Family History Consultant to do indexing on familysearch.org (low time commitment calling)

Genealogy Merit Badge for YM.

Pres Simmons

Moses 7:17-21 - Zion, no poor among them (financially poor, talent poor, spiritually poor, socially poor)

DC 84:111-112 - search after poor by humbling the rich -- get the rich to help the poor

James 1:27 - visit afflicted

Fri (25th) Afternoon Session 1

Pres Tanner

  • No poor among them
  • Blessed are the poor in spirit?
  • All things in common = equal?
  • Consecrate time, talents, energy to the common good
  • Equality in what we give, not what we have, not what we receive
  • If everyone gives all (widow's might) then we have given equally
  • Needs and wants
  • want in the terms the Lord defines, the wants of a celestial being

Physical needs are delegated to the Bishop, social-emotional, spiritual, etc. needs are delegated to the home teachers, Vters

How do we stimulate the home teachers to work on these other needs?

  • Maybe each home teaching assignment should to come with an identified family need

Fri (25th) Afternoon Session 2

Pres Tanner

How do we bring people on to equal ground (Alma 30:11)?

The Kirtland Temple cost the church the most to build, not in the dollars paid, but the sacrifice made

Social cliques within wards create unequal ground

We miss the point when we are more worried about how a ward activity is executed, than how the ward members feel at the activity

  • do we ask the activities committee to be sure every person feels included, in addition to making sure that every person has a plate of food?

Creating experiences where a group of people give their all together, puts them on equal ground

  • Service projects do that

Fri (25th) Afternoon Session 3

Pres Chapman

Proclaim the Gospel

Need to improve finding and baptisms

Maybe we should do more community activities that generate positive PR, which lets people know where to come

Use Facebook to invite people to normal ward events

Fri (25th) Evening Session