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It would be helpful for co-authors to start from some common ground. As an introduction to the social impact of exponential technological growth, listening to the the following podcasts would be helpful:


Everyone is welcome to edit any part of the paper. If you are going to make a significant substantive change, you probably ought to put a notice on the discussion page first, to give others time to think and comment.

  • this means everyone should subscribe to the RSS feed of both the paper page and its discussion page.

Citations and References

Please be rigorous in creating entries for your references and citing them in the body of the text. If you cite a reference, you are asserting that you have personally looked at the reference and it actually contains the information to which your sentence refers. If you know your idea has a reference, but you just haven't located it yet, please put your idea on the ideas page until you can put both your idea and your reference into the paper page.

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