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Dear Family and Friends,

We've only lived in our new house about a year and Janet already has Calvin painting the outside. We did have nice visits from Janet's sister, Debbie, and her family in August and Calvin's sister, Mary, and her family for Thanksgiving. We also took a trip to Ottowa, Canada, to visit our friends, the Struve's, who are posted to the embassy there.

Chelsea turned four this year. and her freckles have really popped out. She continues to attend "Winnie the Pooh" preschool. Drawing on paper, cutting up paper, and dropping the pieces on the floor are her favorite pastimes. At least she sings while she does them. Chelsea also tries to follow Brooke everywhere she goes.

Right after Christmas, Brooke will turn 10. She is excited to be wearing a dental retainer. Brooke earns a lot of money babysitting Chelsea while Janet teaches piano lessons. She really loves her cat 'Spots' except when she has to clean cat barf off of the carpet.

At age 11, the Scouting bug has bitten Ryan this year. At scout camp he earned the nickname "slop-boy" for his cooking prowess (or was it for Latrine duty?). He now has his 1st class rank. Ryan plays trumpet in the middle school band and some blues piano at home.

Stan finished his Eagle Scout rank on his 14th birthday last May. We were quite proud of Stan when his report card had all incompletes except for one F. He earned these grades spending over a week at the National Institutes of Health and Georgetown hospital recovering from a large infectious abscess in his back, that was initially suspected to be cancer. We can tell he is nearly fully recovered because he has reverted to being an obnoxious teenager again.

This year Janet has found meaning in her life while losing sleep at the same time--by administering I.V. antibiotics every six hours to Stan during home care for his infection. Unfortunately, she had already taken her personal vacation to California to celebrate her dad's 70th birthday. She was naughty and did not tell her parents she was coming. They let her stay for the party anyway. She really enjoyed her time there.

Feeling as old as he looks, Calvin has logged 42 nights in a tent over the last three years as scoutmaster. His work took him to Rome, Italy, and Warsaw, Poland. He bought a used PC/AT for $30 at an auction and now has four computers in the "dining" room.

We'd love to have more visitors this year, but if you can't come, call (703) 444-9169 or send e-mail to any of the following:


Janet, Calvin, and Kids

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