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Dear Friends and Family,

We've been around the circle of life this year--death, birth, computer, and marriage. Janet's dad passed away last December 31st. Calvin spoke at the funeral. Janet's brother and his wife (Allen and Linda) had a baby boy, A.J., during the week following the funeral. A new Macintosh joined our family in June. And, in October, Calvin attended his brother Richard's marriage to Sharlotte.

Our baby, CHELSEA, turned 5 this year and entered kindergarten. She spends as much time playing dress-up, singing and dancing as she does doing school work. If her freckles and dimples didn't give her away when she is pretending to be a kitty, the fact she won't eat the food Calvin puts on the floor for her surely does. She should have been a half-vampire for Halloween, 'cuz she's missing one of her front teeth!

BROOKE will turn 11 at the end of the month and is in the fifth grade. She is a member of the bus patrol--and is in charge of keeping order at the bus stop. Her motto is: "Ve have vays to make you line-up straight." She is also a student mediator--helping kids resolve conflicts. Her motto is: "Ve have vays to make you stop arguing." Brooke does a good job watching out for Chelsea after school. Her motto is . . .

RYAN is our almost 13 hippie wanna-be. He likes his hair shaved up the sides, just leaving about a 2-inch strip of hair from front to back. He grows this strip long down to his ears. He compliments this coiffure by wearing the same set of clothes everyday. We can sneak them into the wash on Tuesday night when he puts on his Scout shirt. Ryan did earn both his Star and Life Scout ranks this year. Because of his impending braces, he switched from the trumpet to the baritone. Ryan also leads the seventh grade in the number of completed, but not submitted, homework assignments lost in his locker.

STAN, at age 15, has been a living example this year of the industrial management concept of "excess capacity"--his capacity to spend $ is in far excess of the $ he earns. He has also expanded his vocabulary. He now knows what "collateral forfeiture," "repossession," and "garnished wages" mean. This is the first year in three that Stan has not suffered from a life-threatening ailment in October--although his "teenage attitude" has brought him closer to the veil than even he realizes. Stan has also discovered the TELEPHONE. So if he is not on AOL or the Internet he is talking to his girlfriends. He does let us use the phone occasionally, but only when he is practicing on his drum set.

JANET turned the big four-oh this year and is looking for a mid-life crisis. If any of you have suggestions, please send them--she's desperate. She continues to teach piano (24 students). Janet keeps saying all those students are wearing out the piano and we need to replace it with a baby grand! Talk like that sends Calvin into a mid-life crisis without passing Go. Janet volunteers at the elementary school and with the church women's organization as the Education Counselor.


CALVIN is nearing the four-year mark as Scoutmaster. He has already let them know that once Ryan gets his Eagle, there will be a vacancy to fill. Work took him to Bonn, Germany and Budapest, Hungary this year. And if Janet could ever get him to stop playing Risk on the computer, he might have some time to help around the house. Calvin's parents and brother Richard came for a visit in the spring. We believe the reason Richard got engaged right after his visit with us is due to quiet dignity and serene lifestyle that parenthood has brought into our lives.

Janet's mother came for Thanksgiving. With all the ironing she did, she is welcome to come back anytime! Seriously, it was the Thanksgiving dinner dishes she washed that makes her so welcome.

We miss those of you who are far from us and wish those of you who are near to us would go far so we could miss you too. Keep those cards, letters, and checks coming.



1947 East Beech Road
Sterling, VA 20164-1945
(703) 444-9169

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