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Dear Family and Friends,


Valentine's Day
1947 East Beech Road
Sterling, VA 20164

Happy Valentine's Day! (Is this a new trend or did a virus disable the computer in December?)

Trevor (age 5) is in pre-kindergarten. Elementary schools were not designed for his kind. We wish we could blame ADHD. He can be sweet and loving . . . sometimes. He does make us laugh (ha, ha)!


Stan (age 22) is going to take a break from playing Dungeons and Dragons to finish at the community college this year. And he just might get a degree out of it-the college, not the game! His girlfriend, Christa, loves ornamental horticulture-yard work to the rest of you.

Chelsea (age 12) sings at the top of her lungs in the shower. She thinks she is an American Idol. On more than one occasion we thought she was seriously hurt and began running to her assistance. She improves as the day goes on-and was accepted into all-county and all-district chorus.


Janet (age timeless) was called into the HS principal's office for being a bad girl. Her extracurricular parent's group was not doing things the principal's way. She got up her nerve and spoke before the school board. Janet is now in all the local papers. Next stop: Supreme Court!

Brooke (18) is a HS senior and can't keep a boyfriend. She is on her 3rd one in the last 18 months. Is it her or is it them? (Or, is it Brooke's parents taking all those pictures?) She lettered again in cross-country and was inducted into the National Honor Society.


Calvin (age old). They say a Mormon Bishop serves for 5 years because he offends about 20 percent of the congregation a year. Calvin has been in only five months and has already exceeded his first year's quota!

Ryan (age 20) sleeps on the couch and works and sleeps on the couch and goes to school and sleeps on the couch and visits friends and sleeps on the couch and eats and sleeps on the couch and sleeps on the couch. He is also our car accident magnet-four in less than 12 months, including one "totaled." Fortunately, only one accident has been his fault-and he has survived them all, to sleep another day.


Our family took a vacation in California. We had a great time with Janet's family in Fresno and met Calvin's family in San Diego for a wonderful reunion.

We love and miss you all!

David Calvin, Janet, Stan, Ryan, Brooke, Chelsea, and Trevor

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