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Dear Family and Friends,


New Year's Day 2004
1947 East Beech Road
Sterling, VA 20164

Happy New Year's Day! (At least the letter is not as late as last year.)

We had the esteemed pleasure of welcoming our adult son STAN (age 23) back into our home. It put a real crimp on CHELSEA's (age 13) style, who had squatter's rights in the den downstairs.

TREVOR (age 6), however, has loved it. Stan has taught him the intellectual rigors of Tony Hawk's Playstation™ skateboard game.


We told BROOKE (age 19) that we would pay her college tuition at BYU-Idaho and that she would have to pay her living expenses. She really felt ripped-off when she got a scholarship, 'cuz that just saved her parents (not her) money. Luckily she smiled at her dad at all the right times which convinced him to reimburse the scholarship.



Chelsea climbed to the top of Old Rag Mountain. Stan has transferred to George Mason University. Trevor learned how to cannonball at the pool.


JANET has graduated from helping at the pre-school to helping at the kindergarten. Not only that, she has discovered what millions of other American women have known for years-red hair color fades after 10 days. No reason to despair, however, because alternate hair colors require alternate wardrobes!

We did the "visit as many historical sites in the least amount of time as possible" family vacation this year. We hit 300 years of history in two days-Jamestown, Yorktown, and the Battle of the Crater (Petersburg).



High-speed Internet finally made it to our end of the cul-de-sac this year. We are now just waiting for the record companies to serve summonses to Stan and Ryan.

The ever-effervescent RYAN (almost 21) totaled his 2nd car this year. He is now driving the 15-year-old family van. With any luck he will total that one, too!



CALVIN went off his two-year diet and promptly regained 2/3rds of what he had lost. He drowned his sorrows by buying the toy of his dreams at a yard sale - a 5-horsepower, 4-stroke, Hemi®-powered chipper-shredder. On his first outing he promptly clogged it up trying to shred newspaper. When tipping it over to clear another obstruction, oil leaked into the cylinder and it took about 45 minutes of pulling to restart it. Janet thinks Calvin should just stick to reading chipper-shredder ads. He did that quite well for 10 years without hurting anything.

We love and miss you all!

David Calvin, Janet, Stan, Ryan, Brooke, Chelsea, and Trevor

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