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Dear Family and Friends,

Wow! It has been 10 years since 1997. Can you believe it? It seems like it was only 10 years ago. Our family reached a big milestone this year. One of our children moved out. Just four more to go. The question is can we wait another 40 years.


Christmas 2007
1947 East Beech Road
Sterling, VA 20164

Trevor (10)

This was the year of the battle of the long hair for Trevor. He insisted that he not get a haircut all summer. His parents insisted that he get a haircut for school pictures. Trevor told the barber to leave it as long as possible, while his dad told the barber to get the hair out of his eyes. The result was less than acceptable to both Trevor and his parents. When it came time to get his next haircut he had a much better attitude and gave good instructions with a much better result. He didn't want to attend the once-a-week advanced grade school class because he didn't want the cool kids to laugh at him. Life is so hard in the fourth grade.


Chelsea (17)


You know that cartoon Tasmanian Devil character that turns into a tornado when he moves? That's Chelsea. She sweeps around the house, throughout Sterling, and across Northern Virginia at top speed. Poor girl, she couldn't decide which of all of her suitors would be her best compliment at homecoming, so she went with one of her cheerleading friends instead. She is now in the throes of applying for college. She can't decide whether she wants to major in music with a choral education emphasis or major in education with a choral music emphasis. Life is so hard in the 12th grade.

Brooke (22)

We are so proud of Brooke--she has only broken up with two boyfriends this year (she did take one back). She really does like making people bleed. She likes it so much she wants to get an extra close-up view. A pair of very expensive mounted lupes to wear like glasses would be just the thing. She has taken out a loan to get them. The sacrifices she makes for pleasure! Life is so hard in dental hygiene school.


Ryan (24)


Ryan is one of the best employees at "The Pot and Bead." He helps birthday parties of grade school girls make necklaces. On a more serious note, he can't stand that his mother's red hair coloring fades so fast. He hopes to become a chemical engineer, just to solve that problem. There are just 2-3 years of schooling standing between him and his dream. Life is so hard in engineering school.

Stan (27)

Stan made our year by moving out. He and two buddies now have a place of their own to play dungeons and dragons. When things are slow at the advertising agency where he works, the art designers make silly videos to post on YouTube. They dress up as Star Wars characters and make light saber noises at each other. Life is so hard in the design department.


Janet (Aged to Perfection)


Janet's mom came out for a visit. The two of them immediately abandoned the rest of us in a big rented SUV--headed for South Carolina. They attended an extended family reunion. While there they experienced that famous southern hospitality first hand. They also now clearly understand the genetic origins of their own personal eccentricities. After five days on the road, there were only two days worth of dishes and laundry stacked up. So Janet was three days ahead! Unfortunately, nobody can teach her piano lessons for her. At church, she moved from teaching teenagers Sunday School to being a counselor in the adult ladies organization. Life is so hard just being her.

Calvin (Pickled to Perfection)

Calvin's parents came out for a visit, which gave him an excuse to visit all the placed he heretofore wouldn't have dared take his family. We went to Richmond where we saw the Edgar Allen Poe museum; the church were Patrick Henry gave his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech; the Confederate White House; and the State Capitol building. We also went to Annapolis to see the State Capitol building and the Naval Academy, where we saw the plebes marching around to earn their free room and board. Calvin has passed the five year mark as the Bishop in the local church congregation, with no end in sight. Life is just so hard.


We love and miss you all!

David Calvin, Janet, Stan, Ryan, Brooke, Chelsea, and Trevor

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