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Letter in:

Dear Family and Friends,


December 2015
1947 East Beech Road
Sterling, VA 20164


Sorry we missed sending a letter last year. We haven’t let the moss gather. Janet became a Loudoun County Master Gardener. Unfortunately that did not intimidate the deer one bit. We had to put in a 7 1/2-foot deer fence around the garden. Take that Bambi! We have also downsized our backyard flowerbeds from 10 to 5. The remaining beds are covered with netting.

When our granddaughter, Zelda, was born, a co-worker asked Calvin what it was like to be a new grandfather. He told them they’d asked the wrong question. The right question is, “What is it like to be married to a new grandmother?” Men, we all know the answer, but we keep it to ourselves, right? (Just hold on to your wallets.)

Our children (and children-in-law) all live within 10 miles of us. We love having them come for Sunday dinner every week; that is, when they bring dessert. Janet was recently asked to stop playing the organ at church – so she could lead the children’s organization. The new assignment is clearly lots more fun :). Calvin continues to teach the adult Sunday school class. Although we feel our age, there is no retirement in sight :(. At least we should be empty nesters soon, as our youngest, Trevor, graduates from high school this spring. We can’t wait!

We love and miss you all.

David Calvin, Janet, Stan, Ryan, Brooke & Scott & Zelda, Chelsea & Jeffrey, and Trevor

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