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<small>(Back to [[D. Calvin Andrus, Ph.D.|Home]]).</small>
<small>(Back to [[D. Calvin Andrus, Ph.D.|Home]]).</small>
[[Category: Navigation]]
[[Category: Navigation]]

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NOTICE: I have turned off the ability for visitors to become registered users. Chinese and Russian hackers were taking advantage of this feature and dumping lots of pages into my wiki. Once I clean up the mess they have made, I will institute a more rigorous registration procedure. --ACADAC, 10:47, 15 November 2008 (CST)

Because of my on-going battle with Chinese and Russian spammers, all pages are locked down. So this wiki, for the most part, just acts like a traditional static website. Sorry 'bout that. Once I get better at keeping the spammers at bay, I will open up the talk pages on the wiki, so people can comment about the material they find here.

See About this wiki for more information.



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