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Lays out in table format the components of the two (major) parts of Christ's Atonement. Originally created in 1997. Revised in 1998. Most recently updated on 23 November 2012.

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Title Page

The Atonement: Matrix

A Table Prepared for Inclusion in Lessons on the Atonement
in the Sterling Park Ward
of the Ashburn, VA Stake

By D. Calvin Andrus

23 November 2012, Version 3.0


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Physical Spiritual
Problem Physical Death: Separation of Body from Spirit -- Ecclesiastes 12:7 Spiritual Death: Separation of us from Father in Heaven -- 2 Ne 9:12, Isaiah 59:2,1 Nephi 10:21
Cause Adam and Eve's Transgression (bodies changed from immortal Terrestial to mortal Telestial) -- 2 Ne 9:6, Helaman 14:16 Adam and Eve's Transgression (expelled from Garden of Eden) -- 2 Ne 9:6, Helaman 14:16
When Experienced Temporarily while in the Spirit World -- Alma 40:11-13 Temporarily while on the Earth; Permanently for all those not going to the Celestial Kingdom -- Alma 40:25-26
Solution Enablers Jesus's Divine/Human Parentage (inherited immortality from Father and mortality from Mother) -- Matthew 16:15-17 Jesus's Sinless Life -- Hebrews 4:15
Solution Using his own will and power to remove His Spirit from His Body and put Them back together again -- John 10:18 Paying the penalty for all sins -- 2 Ne 9:7, 1 Peter 2:24
Name Resurrection -- Alma 11:45 Expiation -- Bible Dictionary, "Sacrifices"
Where On the Cross and in the Tomb (Mostly) In the Garden of Gethsemene
Effect Blessings of Immortality (Salvation) -- John 5:28–29 Blessings of Eternal Life (Exaltation) -- D&C 14:7
Conditions Unconditional Free Gift to all who kept their First Estate (Chose to follow Christ in the Pre-Mortal Existence) -- 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 Conditional Gift to those who keep their Second Estate (Repented of sins during Earthly Existence) -- Abraham 3:26
Covenant The immersing part of Baptism -- Romans 6:4 The cleansing part of Baptism -- Acts 2:38
Renewal The bread part of the Sacrament (Represents Christ's Body) -- Luke 22:19 The water part of the Sacrament (Represents Christ's Blood) -- Luke 22:20

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