On Welfare Principles

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This lesson lays out the welfare principles the church suggests every member should incorporate into their lives. Four members of our Welfare Committee gave sections of this lesson. Given as a Fifth Sunday Lesson in the Sterling Park Ward on Sunday 29 March 2009. Note that in the ppt version, the references for the pictures are in the notes pages. There are very few words in the presentation because the presenters told stories that were illustrated by the pictures. The most important points of the lesson are given below.

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Title Page

On Welfare Principles

A Fifth Sunday Lesson Given in the
Sterling Park Ward, Ashburn, VA Stake

By D. Calvin Andrus, Bishop
Our Elders' Quorum President
Our High Priests' Group Leader
Our Relief Society 2nd Counselor

29 March 2009, Version 1.0


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Welfare Principles
  Do for Self and Family Do for Others
Spiritual Faith unto Repentence
Saving Ordinances
Live Commandments
Serve in Callings
Share the Gospel
Heart to Ancestors
Temporal Education
Social/Emotional Skills
Physical Health
Food Storage
Financial Management
Comfort Needy
Fast Offerings
Lord's Storehouse

The effects of the current recession are unevenly distributed across the ward. Some families feel the full brunt of the recession while other families don't even notice. To help achieve a Zion society, those families that are less affected must help those who are more affected. Therefore, the Bishop asks that families who are feeling minor effects of the recession consider doubling or tripling their current fast offering donations. This allows us to "share one another's burdens" and moves us toward having "no poor among us."