On the Refiner's Fire

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Suggests that the process of sanctification is like a refiner's fire. We must be stripped of all dross to become pure. Suggests the dross in our lives are all those things we want that are given preference over the things Heavenly Father wants for us. Given to the Sterling Park Ward Council and their spouses on Friday 25 January 2008.

Most of the content is in the "notes pages" and not in the slides themselves.


Title Page

On the Refiner's Fire

A Lesson Given in to the Ward Council
of the Sterling Park Ward, Ashburn, VA Stake

By D. Calvin Andrus, Bishop

25 January 2008, Version 1.0


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This lesson was taken from a lesson given at Bishop's training last September by our stake president. See the powerpoint or pdf versions for the content of the lesson. My notes from the President's lesson follows.

Notes from Bishop's Training

Bishop's Training, 27 September 2007

Opening Session

President Chapman

Three general topics
1) Keys of the temporal blessings
2) Keys of repentance
3) Strengthening families

Refiner's fires applies a lot of heat to metal ore to remove the dross and leave pure metal

In a spiritual sense what is the heat and what is the dross
  - our trials are the heat,  maybe our children are the heat
  - heat derives from friction, so when our life experiences conflict with our personal beliefs
  - in the refiner's fire the dross oxidizes and rise to the surface and we skim it off

Genesis 22:1 footnote a

Abraham asked to be a father of many nations,  Jehovah purifies Abraham by 
requiring the sacrifice of his son.  Once purified, Jehovah blesses Abraham 
with everything he asked for and more.  Indeed, the sacrifice of Isaac and 
subsequent blessings change the course of human history forever.

 -- do you think Abraham questioned in his own mind if he had really been inspired or not
 -- probably did not tell his wife before hand
 -- must have been in turmoil for three days
 -- was Abraham going to trust in the Lord, or trust in his own self
 -- Abraham did not know the outcome, but obeyed anyway, 
 -- Isaac had to carry the wood, like Christ had to carry his cross
 -- neither Abraham, nor Isaac, could have intellectually rationalized this in their minds, but still obeyed
 -- don't know what dross Abraham had to cast off, but he came out pure gold
 -- the refiner's fire is a trial of our faith

 -- every member's trial is tailor-designed for them
 -- we always have the option to opt out

verse 16 starts the Abrahamic Covenant

Now let's talk about Job - wealthy, perfect and upright, lots of friends, popular
 --This is THE case study in refiner's fire
 --There was one very, very, bad day in Job's life, but still remains faithful.  
   So then things get worse with his health.  Then his friends and wife abandon him.
 --Chapter 3, verse 25 -- he has lost everything he was most afraid to lose -- loss in 
   the respect of his community
 --verse 17 -- refiner's fire

Ok, let's look at Joseph Smith, DC 121

His life experience is not according to his expectation.  He is in jail in a town called Liberty.  
His is only a few miles from where he was supposed to have built Zion and a Temple.  
His people were being driven from Missouri.  He was unable to carry out the mission he had been given.

And what was the answer to his prayer?  The was "NO"

Abraham, Job, and Joseph all had to give up their righteous desires on the alter of 
sacrifice -- not Lamoni's father who was willing to give away his sins.

When we pray for our righteous desires, the answer is the refiner's fire -- the fire 
that break's our heart -- sort of like a broken heart and a contrite spirit -- the 
sacrifice that is required after the atonement

Zech 13:  (one only sees his/her reflection in the refined metal is pure)  the refiner 
Alma 5:14

3 ne 27:17 -- some of us will not be refined -- in the words of Mary Chapan 
Carpenter -- sometimes we are the windshield, and sometimes we are the bug

What could Abraham's, or Job's, or Joseph's bishop have told them that would have 
lightened their burden?  Maybe not much

Can a bishop or a bishop's wife go through a refiner's fire while serving?  
Not just from their calling, but simultaneous with their calling.

Sometimes we do not know what it is that is being refined, until years later.

Is Alma 32:15 an escape from the refiner's fire?

Refer to the end of Pres Hinckley's talk to Bishops.