Ulysses S. Grant, Gen & Pres (6C,5R)

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Spouses John Lathrop and Hannah House
Siblings Samuel Lothrop
  Jane Lathrop
1C Abigail Lathrop
  John Fuller
2C Martha Huntington
  Thankful Fuller
3C Noah Grant
  John Crippen
4C Noah Grant
  Sarah Crippen
5C Jesse Grant
  Lovisa Comstock
6C Ulysses Grant
  Samuel Snyder
7C     Charles Snyder
8C     Esther Snyder
9C     Vivian Adair
10C     Sharon Adair
11C     David Andrus


(NOTE: In this chart I am listed by my first name, David.)

This chart shows that Ulysses S. Grant is my 6th cousin, 5th removed.

The Reverend John Lathrop and his wife Hannah House were Pilgrims who arrived in Plymouth, Massachussets about 1625.

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