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This is the personal, private wiki of Calvin Andrus.

  • The management of that site was quite cumbersome (editing raw HTML and using the antiquated AOL FTP program). Managing knowledge in the wiki is significantly easier (thus less time consuming).
  • Moreover, over time the price/performance ratio was was much better at the newer web/wiki hosting sites (like Siteground) than at AOL. is a place to document, store and share information that I find valuable to me.

The most extensive section of the wiki is My Mormon / LDS Talks and Lessons. I have kept track of the significant talks and lessons I have given since 1993. They are specific to the Mormon context, and might not make as much sense, when taken out of that context.

  • I give permission to all visitors to download, use, remix, and mashup these lessons under the terms of the license agreement. You need not ask me in advance, though I would appreciate an email ( telling me which of my talks/lessons you used.
  • I have had folks from all over the United States, and from places as far away as Russia, Japan, Australia, and Saudi Arabia re-give these lessons and talks in their wards. This is what makes my investment worth the effort.

See the How To Use This Wiki page for more information.

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